Schedules of Condition and Building Surveys

Our building surveyors are skilled in producing written reports detailing the condition of a property or part of a property by preparing a Schedule of Condition. The schedule will usually be accompanied by a photographic record, detailing the condition of the premises and highlighting any areas that are in poor condition and require repair.

A Schedule of Condition might be required in a number of situations, including detailing the condition of premises prior to parties agreeing and entering into a lease. The schedule will provide a tenant with protection at the expiry of the lease, limiting what the landlord can service in a Schedule of Dilapidations.

Where a tenant or landlord proposes to make significant alterations to a premise, Schedules of Condition can be undertaken by the landlords of adjoining properties prior to the commencement of works. If the adjoining premises suffer from damage, then the Schedule can be reviewed to identify which areas require repair. The document can then be used as a negotiating tool in the settlement of any repair costs between the party carrying out the works and those that have suffered damage. Where major works are undertaken, such as the laying of foundations, it is a requirement under the provisions of the Party Wall Act 1996 that adjoining premises have Schedules of Condition taken of them which will form part of a Party Wall Award.